Sunday, March 10, 2013

Soul Bender Release - Tour Sign Ups

It's a very exciting day because one of the books that I have been showcasing on my blog that you have probably seen - Soul Bender - is being released tomorrow, March 11th! You can read my review for the first in the series, Soul Walker, here. I gave it 4 stars!

Goodreads Summary

How much can a soul take before it breaks? 

Anna Pierce has a vampire boyfriend, a driver's license, real friends for the first time since she was five, and now she faces one of her biggest challenges, senior year at a mostly all girls Catholic high school. Sure, she's a member of the talking crowd now, but she'll never be like everyone else. How can she when the first of her kind has camped out in her dreams? 

Little dead girl Emily decides Anna's destiny can wait no longer. It's time for this generation's Touched girl to hunt. Trained in a virtual dream landscape to destroy all in her path, Anna must choose between her destiny, the one beat into her on a nightly basis, and her legacy, the one instilled in her by her parents. 

Along the way, old enemies remain dutifully obsessed, new foes lurk in the shadows, and odd Little Duckie Anna Pierce sets out to be social.

About Robyn Jones:

I'm the mom of two hardcore boys. My oldest trained me to be matter-of-fact, no frills. My youngest wants the whole singsongy sweet package. Thank goodness for reading and writing because they are my sanity makers. I know life is all about the journey, that's why I like my fiction to be all about the destination. I want to be taken somewhere not here when I read, same goes with the stories I create. Thrills, chills, tears, and laughter, but there has to be something to hold on to at the end.

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We are setting up a blog tour for Soul Bender to run from April 15th - April 19th. There will be a tour-wide giveaway. 


April 15th

Bookworm Brandee - Review, Top 10
PRUFreads - Review

April 16th

April 17th

Rainbows and Books - Character Interview, Excerpt
JC's Book Haven - Review

April 18th

My Favorite Escape - Excerpt
Bookshelf - Review

April 19th

WeaklingNo14's Wondrous Reviews - Review, Character Interview, Excerpt
Aussie Bookworm - Review

Sign-ups are closed! Thank you very much to everyone that is participating!


  1. Thanks for the opportunity. :) Sounds good.

  2. I hope you will consider joining if you have the spare time. Thank you so much for stopping by :D

  3. Yay! I'm excited even though I haven't read the first one yet. I want to participate, I'll try to finish the book soon so I can come back to this!

  4. That's wonderful! We hope to have you join, Rivie :D

  5. Hi Jaclyn! This books sounds really interesting and your review of it intrigued me further. I signed up to participate in the blog tour. :) And it's awesome that you're hosting the tour!!

  6. Wonderful! So glad you are going to be a part of it :D


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