Review Policy

Please see About page to learn more about the reviewers here at JC's Book Haven. Thank you for visiting our Review Policy page.

We accept ebooks as well as paperbacks and hard covers.

The genres we review for YA and Adult are:

  • Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Dystopia
  • Horror
  • Crime/Thriller
  • Science Fiction

Please be sure and let us know the time frame that you would like to have your review done when you contact. We try to answer quickly if your review request is accepted. This means within a day to a week of the request. If you have not heard back in this amount of time, that probably means that your review was not accepted. We may not be able to answer every review request so we apologize. We do look at them all, but unless we know for sure that we are accepting, you may not receive a response.

Send the title of the book, whether it is a part of a series, blurb, and links on Goodreads and Amazon. If you have any additional information about the book or a short excerpt, please submit those as well.

Please expect honesty. We will give constructive advice, but maintain credence in the will not just be a trash talking session. We post reviews to this blog, as well as Goodreads and Amazon (Barnes & Noble as well on request). Also, if you've asked us to review your book and we cannot finish it or will give it a very low rating, we may contact you to let you know that we will not be reviewing.

Please do not send ebooks (mobi, pdf, epub), unless we have approved the review.

We are also open to posting excerpts, character bios, giveaways, or other guest posts that you may have available. If you are willing to share something of this nature, please let us know in the email in case we don't have time to review, but are able to offer a guest post.

Contact me at <- Please copy and paste because a lot of people leave out the 'r' in the middle there.

FTC Disclosure:

*Any books sent me are to be considered gifts and should not be considered as income for any purposes and will not be returned unless expressly stated by the gifted. Print books may be given away as prizes on this site unless otherwise stated by the publisher. JC's Book Haven does NOT receive monetary compensation for reviews.

All content is copyrighted by JC's Book Haven. If you repost any part of the review, please credit JC's Book Haven.

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