Thank you so much for stopping by JC's Book Haven. We're here because we love to read, and we love connecting with others who do as well. We appreciate everyone that cares about our opinions and have so much respect for the authors and publishers who keep our shelves filled.

I'm a 33-year-old, single parent who works full time. I absolutely have the greatest son in the world, but I'm biased. When I need that break from the real world, the best escape is a good book. Since my number one reason for loving to read is the escape it offers, I prefer stories that could never happen in real life.

My genres of choice are: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, and Dystopia. I enjoy YA and Adult. I shy away from anything I know will make me cry. 

Quirks include: walking into walls, hating repetitive noises, and smiling gleefully at my favorite words. Some of those are: marshmallow, ninja, shenanigans, and nemesis.

I do graphic design and love drawing in my spare time. I try to draw pictures of my favorite Sidekicks for my monthly meme Sidekick Showcase.

I am also a grammar snob. I enjoy proofreading and breaking that red pen out to fix the errors that I see. While I know that we all make mistakes, I really get sidetracked if I'm bombarded with grammatical issues.

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I go by Melody and have been roaming this world for 33 years.

If you know me, you know I almost always have a book of some sort in my hand.  I love murder mystery/crime books the best. Followed in close second by horror/thriller novels.

However, I do have a few favorites in the sci-fi/fantasy category.

If the book is good, I love to read it!

*Melody is not currently accepting review requests

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