Monday, March 25, 2013

Baseball Season

Hey everyone! You may have noticed that I am not as quick at replying and I am certainly not as quick at finishing the books that I am reading. That is because baseball season is upon me again and Zane is practicing most nights of the week and playing games until about 10:00 every night. So while I will certainly still be posting and viewing all your blogs, I am going to be cheering my little man on. Please be patient with me because I already work full-time and this takes up my nights. I'm holding off on any new review requests for now.

Zane up to bat

"Good Game" - He won his first tournament game

Here is my little Muddawg


  1. Go Zane! I love baseball myself. It's the only sport I can actually understand. :D

  2. First tournament game won! Awesome! Your son comes first

  3. I totally get it. My friend's little guy also plays baseball. It requires a lot of time.

  4. Happy Baseball! I cannot play that game to save my life. It was the ultimate P.E. tormentor for me in grade school. We'll cheer you on as you cheer on Zane. And don't forget to reach out if you need anything. I can't take over your reads for you, but if you need a guest blogger in a pinch, a lot of us will jump at it!

  5. Aww, have a great time in the stands mom. :) I know the feeling, we do football. Have fun!

  6. Me too :D I'm so glad that he chose this one

  7. I hope he does well this season too :D

  8. LOL mine was Dodgeball. Thank you for cheering. The guest blogging idea is spectacular!

  9. That's wonderful, Jaclyn! He's such a cutie! I understand putting your kiddos first and the time it takes...I have 3! :)

  10. I didn't know you were a momma! We have more in common than I thought :D I'm not sure I would survive three, but I definitely love my boy and think he's adorable although I'm biased ;)

  11. Spoken like a wonderfully doting mom! ;) Yep, my oldest daughter is almost 15! Ugh! :) My younger daughter is 12. And my son is 10. Sometimes I do wonder what I was thinking!?! LOL! I think my brood is adorable too. :)

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