Saturday, August 23, 2014

JC's Bulletin of the Week [1]

Welcome to my weekly Bulletin. This is a place where you will find what's going on at JC's Book Haven lately, what I've found around the blogger world, Book News, and any books that are releasing in the next week.

I'm re-reading some series that I read before I started my blog. I'm in the mood to revisit these books, and I haven't written any reviews for them so I'm mixing them in with the other books I'm reading that I haven't read yet.

I'm also working on a redesign that I'm really excited about! Too bad it will take a while to get completed. I feel like every little picture I'm working on is taking weeks.

Zane is beginning middle school on Monday! EEEEK!

This week on the blog:

I reviewed Silver Shadows (Bloodlines #5) by Richelle Mead
Heena reviewed Freak Show (Episode 1: The Nightshade Cases) by Patti Larsen
Matt reviewed Dangerous Reflections (The Adventures of Alexis Davenport #1) by Shay West
A game of 'Who Said It?' for my free week on the Harry Potter Moment of the Week post

Jennifer Bielman has moved to WordPress with a redesign and new URL! Formerly Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, and Romance, she is now:

Bad Bird Reads

Alisa and Aidan from Picture Me Reading are now back in action and you can find them at:

For those of you who have read Opposition, Jennifer L. Armentrout posted an extra goodie! Please make sure to only read it if you've finished the last book though or you will be spoiled.

Penguin posted a letter to fans of the Bloodlines series by Jennifer Almon, editor of Silver Shadows


  1. There are quite a few books that I read before I started blogging that I'd like to go back and read again and review. The Mortal Instruments was the one I really wanted to revisit first, especially since I had reviewed the 5th book because I was blogging when it was released. I'm really happy that all the TMI books will have reviews for them by the end of this month; I feel like I've climbed a mountain or something, lol.

    Good luck to Zane on his first day of middle school! :D

  2. I'm totally excited for the redesign. Can't wait to see it. I feel like a 10 yr old waiting for Christmas in August.

  3. Blog designs are so much fun, and I like your swirlies for News, blogger stuff, etc.

  4. Ooh, I'm excited to see what you'll do with a re-design, Jaclyn. I'm sure it'll be fantastic! I love Jennifer's new look. :) And I love this new meme!! I'm looking forward to seeing what all you'll come up with to post about.

    Middle school...that's a big deal. I've had a difficult couple of weeks as Sky started driving - by herself - and I had the realization that my week of Jax/Mommy fun while the girls are in band camp enjoyed its last hurrah. He'll be in band camp next year. And my kids started school this past week...I sooo wasn't ready. :) Hope you're having a grand weekend!!

  5. It's so true though! It definitely feels like an accomplishment to get those re-reads reviewed. I feel the same way about some of mine as well. I've written reviews for a few series that were further in when I started blogging. I'm working on the Fever Series and the Percy Jackson Series right now.

    Thank you! He's very excited!

  6. It'll be awhile LOL It's very slow going because I want it to be great.

  7. Thank you! I'm hoping to keep the swirlies. I enjoyed getting to see your new design as well. They really are a lot of fun and change things up for everyone :D

  8. Thank you! I'm hoping to get out there in the blogger world more and get stuff out there to you guys that you possibly hadn't seen yet.

    He's doing so much I'm worried he might get burnt out at first, but I know he has it in him. He's doing Theater Arts, Choir, Tennis, all Pre-AP classes and Drama Club. Oh I bet the emotions were there for sure for Sky driving. Did you teach her? It's so hard watching your kids reach these milestones. It's bittersweet really. Have a wonderful weekend :D

  9. Awwww, thanks for the shout out. I love this new feature.
    Zane and I are starting school on the same day! Yay! Tell him good luck. I can't wait to see the redesign.

  10. Thank you for linking to us! YAY! We really appreciate. My niece is in 5th grade so she has a year until middle school, it amazes me how fast they grow up :)

  11. Thank you! He said good luck to you as well :D I hope you enjoy your classes this semester.

  12. Anytime :D It's crazy how the time goes! You gotta soak up every little moment. My nephew just got married and made me a Great Aunt at 31. I definitely am feeling the flow of time right now LOL

  13. Redesigning? Ooh, can't wait to see the it, Jaclyn! Thanks for sharing the news. I'm a bit curious about the extra goodies for Opposition, but I'm not there yet. I have Origin and Opposition waiting. But I'm excited!

  14. I love this post and am glad you are doing it. I really love reading these types of weekly wrap-ups on blogs! Interesting and fun.

  15. Oh it won't be professional by any means, but it'll be mine LOL Have a great week Lexxie!!

  16. Oh yeah! It's just something little, but I enjoyed it immensely. I look forward to you catching up. It's such a fantastic series :D

  17. I really do too. If I only visit a blog once a week, it really lets me know which posts I want to go back to look at further because they interest me. I love hearing interesting book-related news too. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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