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Review: Rebel Grey by Stella Drexler

Published: May 25, 2013 DC Press
Genre: YA, Urban Fantasy, Dystopia
Format: ebook
Source: provided for honest review
Goodreads Summary

After a great war that destroyed the nation, the government has fallen, and the cities are run by corrupt false monarchies. The Kings and Queens control the law, and the powerless, terrified citizens are being snatched from the streets in droves, accused of treason and imprisoned or worse. The children of the accused must band together just to survive. In Razor City, only the rebel Uprising is willing to stand up to King Scarlet, but their efforts are crushed at every turn by disloyal bounty hunters, bloodthirsty outlaws, Scarlet’s ruthless, vigilant nobles and his cruel son, Dante.
Petra Strom has given up hope. Everyone in Razor City has given up hope.
When Petra discovers Prince Dante beaten half to death in an alley without any memory of his identity or his past, she thinks she’s finally found a way to force Scarlet to release her brother, Ren, and the other falsely accused prisoners. Planning to ransom the prince in exchange for the prisoners, Petra lures Dante back to the children’s secret compound and convinces him he’s one of them, a lost child called Grey whose family was torn apart by the King. As her lies catch up to her and Grey begins to discover who he really is, the children are pursued by the King’s Marshals, bounty hunters and a deadly assassin whose connection to Scarlet might be the real reason the prince was attacked in that alley. Grey begins to uncover the truth about himself and his father, and he knows someone has to end Scarlet’s tyrannical reign once and for all. He might be the only one who can. As they join up with the Uprising, Grey and Petra realize their fight isn’t just about survival or freeing the prisoners anymore. It’s about taking back the city.

He scowled."I don't like this, Petra."

"You don't have to like it. But if you want to live,you have to leave it alone and come with me.I'm sorry."

She stepped up to peer up into his face. "It's horrible.But it's the way it is."

The Good

I like the concept. The idea that if the world ended as we know it today, and those who acted first with the knowledge and the might could rule a city without real opposition.Then add that more than likely the people that fit this bill are probably involved in organized crime, and you have the makings of a good "we've had enough of you're crap uprising post apocalyptic book". I did enjoy the cloak and dagger aspect of Rebel Grey, the sneaking about and meeting with contacts that you hope are not in the process of betraying at the same time. Also, King Scarlet works well as a bad guy you just want to see lose. I hate to have a book without someone to root against.

The Bad

For me, the lack of action bugged me. I expected there to be a few fights or at least a little scuffle or something, but nothing ever happened. I would have liked to learn a bit more about some of the other characters around Petra and Grey. I don't really feel like I knew anything about them except the missing loved ones and they were young and on their own, and I still don't understand the point of Petra's brother going to jail but anything more would be a spoiler.

The Romance

Petra and Grey make for a unlikely romance. She's doing anything she can to get her brother out of the king's prison. Grey, or shall I say Prince Dante, is a spoiled brat that likes to drink too much while reminding those around him of his power. Does he really like her or is he using her to find the rebels for his dad, King Scarlet?


Overall, I liked Rebel Grey. I would have liked it better if it had a bit of action in it. I'm not used to the heroes of a book walking away from people in trouble unless it's a zombie book and then they've already been infected and there is no point drawing attention to yourself. If you need action, you may want to pass. If you enjoy the cloak and dagger, it's worth your time and you should give it a look.


"No. The King hasn't publicized his disappearance. Either he hasn't figured out he's missing yet, or he doesn't want to let anyone know there's a chink in his armor. But there are patrols out in the city. More than usual. And they aren't doing their usual thing. They are probably looking for him."

Petra nodded."I think so. He's just beat up. I need to go into town and get some meds for everyone." She hung her head. "This is all my fault, Lux. I thought I could save us, but I just hurt everyone."

"Yes, but living in Razor City is risky. You know we can't let things keep on this way. We have to do something about Scarlet. We have to get our families back and stop all this once and for all."


  1. The lack of action is really turning me off, even if the concept is interesting.

  2. Hmms based on the lack of action sounds like a pass for me!

  3. I haven't jumped into cloak and dagger reads, movies for sure. I'm not sure I have the attention span. The part of your review about the hero walking away from people in need intrigues me. And the zombie comment cracked me up. Great review, Matt!

  4. Yeah I really would have liked a fight or three just to spice things up a bit.

  5. Jaclyn does have a great breakdown for how she does her review's. Who am i to argue with success. It was a little hard to get through as i kept waiting for the rebellion to happen and then it was just over.

  6. It seemed like all the fights were off screen if put in movie term's. You didn't read about it but trust me there was a fight.

  7. It was a different take. Complete survival of the fittest. oh that lady is in trouble good it means we can sneak by while the scum are distracted. more like it was bad guys verse neutral guys and all the good guys were dead or in jail.

  8. It really is too bad that this book is missing action.. because it sounds from the description like it would have tons of action in it. Like this part "

    Prince Dante beaten half to death in an alley without any memory of his identity or his past" This makes me feel like there will be action and fighting.

  9. I love books based on royalties. I'm looking forward to read this one, but as you gave it a 3-star, I'm reconsidering! Probably will just read if it takes a day not more than that :)

  10. Yeah it but it was more like characters square up to fight, cut away to other characters to see what they are doing. cut back to one of the characters from the fight and he has injuries but managed to escape. So fights happen you just don't get to read about them is all.

  11. Other then the lack of action it's not that bad. I did enjoy the back story for King Scarlet. I would consider it a book you can get through in one day.

  12. Hmm, you would really expect a lot of action with a premise like this. So it's curious there's not more. I do like the intrigue element though. I'll add it to my tbr to read someday. Thanks for a great review, Matt!

  13. I almost wonder if it was a choice to exclude the fighting just to see if the book could stand on it's own with out the in your face violence. It was an interesting attempt non the less.

  14. Oh I really like how your review is broken down. These are always the important points for me so it's nice to see them laid out where I can easily find them. I haven't read this book yet and from your review I am thinking I will be passing on it. I need something that will keep me interested and the lack of action will probably have me reaching for another book.
    Great review!
    Crystal @ WinterHaven Books


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