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Soul Twister Blog Tour: Review, Character Bio, and Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Soul Twister (A Touched Girl #3) by Robyn Jones Blog Tour!

Soul Twister (A Touched Girl Novel #3) by Robyn Jones
Published: July 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Goodreads Summary:

Months into recovering from the bloody events that took place in Soul Bender, Anna Pierce is ready to get back out there and fulfill her self-crafted destiny. Sadly, no one in her life feels the same way. The emergence of buried memories and out-of-the-blue powers send her straight into regular sessions with the school counselor. If only she could talk about her overly protective vampire boyfriend or the real threat posed by former friends turned enemies or her new guide who makes her former guide look like a bowl of sunshine. Anna has a lot going on, but at least she's too busy to think about her first Christmas at Ella's.

The Good

Anna is still that one-of-a-kind girl. Not only does she make everyone around her fall in love with her, but she does it to me as well. She is extremely quirky, loving, and forgiving.

In Soul Twister, she is visiting a counselor due to insistence. She needs to get past what happened in the last book. Thankfully, she has a ton of family, friends, and vamps that are willing to help her with that. The counselor sessions are some of the funniest parts.

The characters are great. I love every one of them, even the ones I really should hate. Trent grew on me a little more in this one. I've always loved Betsy and her glorious snarky nature that's now rubbing off on Anna. 

It was interesting reading about her doing these normal things like searching for college and going to school dances in the midst of her supernatural life. There were definite supernatural influences at all of those events though.

The Bad

I do get annoyed with how flirty Anna is with all the other guys in her life other than her boyfriend. She's really a kissing girl. It's ingrained on me to hate cheating, so this side of her is difficult for me to read, even if Peter is working to accept it.

The Romance

First, I have to say that I'm so glad Ella has her boyfriend, Ted. It's such a sweet grandma relationship. I also really love Peter and Anna together. They make gah-gah eyes to each other one minute, and stop talking to each other the next minute. It feels like an honest, loving relationship.


The characters are a lot of fun, and it's hard not to love every one of them. The story is interesting and draws the reader in. Jones is great at making the reader really care about what's happening. Recommended for Paranormal readers.


“Peter and I are about to play a game. Don’t help him.”
“Game?” crazy Shopgirl asked.
“A hunting game,” Peter answered. His voice had a new quality to it. He caught me staring and instead of smiling, he held my eyes. “First one wins the bite. I’m going to win, Anna.” (Soul Twister)

I pulled him as close to me as our partially clothed bodies would afford. When I heard him moan and not growl, I whispered how much I wanted him, all of him. It was just the two of us as the world faded away. 
“No more boys in your room!” Ella’s angry voice shattered our tropical magic land. I turned and looked at her with pure bliss stamped on my forehead I was sure of it. 
“Sorry, Ella.” I knew she wanted me off my boyfriend’s lap, but she was standing right there. If I stood up now, she’d see my scars, and it would be just as upsetting for her as it was for Betsy.
“Anna, get off his lap now.” I heard Betsy laughing and then running to the room. 
“Oh, that is so hot.” Peter kept his head facing the opposite direction from our onlookers, but I felt his stifled chuckle. 
“Ella, if you step out, I’ll get dressed.”
“You’re shy now?” (Soul Twister)

At the front door, the smell of too many vampires hit me. How many were in Peter’s house? It was candy land in there. The door opened just as I reached it. If Jared had been the one standing there, he would have imitated my girly yelp. Peter took one look at me and growled.
“I was hoping to clean up here,” I said, soaking in the sight of his beautiful face.
“You’re bleeding.” The various stings just started making their appearance. It was easy to lose track of injuries in the middle of a skirmish.
“So may I come in?” 
“We’re having a meeting.” It was my turn to growl. He didn’t want me to hunt. I had to. He would not win this argument. I decided this was as good as any place to have it out. My fists settled on my hips. Through his anger and worry, I caught a glimmer of amusement. Maybe it was the porch light bouncing off the yellow flecks in those dark eyes, but I decided it was a smile deep down he tried to hide. (Soul Twister)

Character Bio: Peter

Name: Peter Davis

Description: Shoulder length straight dark hair, rich light brown skin, according to Anna smells like peaches and the ocean, she likes the bursts of yellow in his dark eyes

Common quirks: Anna makes him blush

Family: None (who are still alive)

Girlfriend: Anna Pierce without question no matter their current status

Hobbies: Making out with Anna, hunting evildoers, watching over Anna

Favorite stress reliever other than making out with Anna: hunting, drinking, draining

Quote: “I know you, who you are, your favorite things. I know what makes you dance and twirl, what makes you clap and squeal.”
“I do not squeal.” I went to slap his chest, but it was bare and hot and so soft, so instead I stroked it. He laughed until I kissed that chocolate brown skin.
“You squeal and giggle and blush like any other girl in love. You love me, Anna. So much.”

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About Robyn Jones:

I laugh when people fall down. It's a glitch in my programming, but even my mom has suffered this quirk. I have a BA in Studio Art from the University of Puget Sound. My boys make me laugh every day. I steal pens; I try real hard not to. I collect those free bookmarks at the checkout counter at libraries. I've had more stitches than anyone I know. I love stories; writing them, reading them, watching them. You can email me at

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  1. I love a quirky girl! They are the funnest to read about. But the whole flirting with other people. no-go.

  2. Great review, Jaclyn! And I understand where you're coming from in your 'Bad' section but I loved Peter's comment about hugging and kissing being how Anna gets/gives comfort. I thought it explained the quirk well. :) I adore this series and all its characters. :)

    I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow so I may not be around to comment much. But I'll catch up when I get back. Happy Friday, Jaclyn!

  3. The therapy sessions are some of my favorites! Thank you so much, Jaclyn!! I hope you're having a fabulous Friday!!

  4. Quirky is fantastic. The thing about the flirting with Anna is because she just sees the world differently. She loves everyone and only has eyes for her boyfriend, but she does kiss a lot of people. It's hard to explain, but even though it's a part of who she is, it's difficult for me to read that aspect.

  5. Yes Anna just takes in the world differently. I get it, it's just hard for me to read the kissing with all the people. I love how Peter looks at her and his explanations and understanding of Anna is fabulous. It is a wonderful series. I'm glad that you enjoyed it too! Have fun on vacation. I'll link your Sidekick Showcase and I will talk to you when you get back :D

  6. I loved them so much. Anna really is funny. Thank you so much :D

  7. Oh nice. Glad you continue to enjoy these books. :) And nice character bio. :D Thank you!


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