Monday, December 8, 2014

Review: The New Agenda (The New Agenda #2) by Simone Pond

Published: June 1st 2014 by Ktown Waters
Genre: dystopia
Format: ebook
Source: provided for honest review

*note, it's classified as the 2nd book in the series but reads as a prequel to #1
Goodreads Summary

For certain, society was disintegrating: humans were self-destructive and wildly uncontrolled. But young William Morray had hoped, as an idealistic teenager, that his father’s acclaimed Repatterning Program––a precursor to the brilliant New Agenda––could manage the upheaval and get society back on track.

They said it was for the greater good: out of chaos comes order and from the ashes the phoenix will rise. They said the Repatterning was a positive event, but like most advertising, it was a lie.

William’s wish had always been to work with his father and win his approval. However, when he is sent away to a remote underground safety shelter in Denver, William is awakened to the grisly truth that the Repatterning is a mass genocide. And worse: his father, the New Agenda leader, is the spearhead of this horrifying plan to eradicate all cities, homes and people outside of the Elite citizenship. William decides to team up with an underground rebel alliance to end the Repatterning and save what’s left of civilization.

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"It's not too late to get someone else to do this," Joseph says.

"I told you, I know Morray better than anyone. I've seen into the depths of that man's evil mind. If anyone's going into find him, it's me. I owe it to my people."

"You've done more than your fair share, Ava. You freed them."

"And that's exactly why I want to make sure I find Morray, so they can stay free."

The Good

So after reading the first book in the series, I really enjoyed the chance to see how the world ended up like it was. One person in control of a city sealed off from the rest of the world. I am one who really needs a good villain to draw me into a story and getting to see what created Morray made the first book that much better for me. The concept worked really well in a tin foil hat type way.

The Bad

I have no major complaints, there was a few times I thought the pace was a bit too slow.

The Romance

Morray finds himself smack dab in a love triangle. Love triangles are always fun right?


I really like the fact that Pond used an entire book to let you get to know Morray, and what made him the villain he is. Normally you might get a few chapters and have to fall in hate with the villain based off that. If you enjoyed the first book, you'll enjoy seeing the world developed and become such a messed up Dystopia.


"Your father and his elites have one sole purpose -- to kill off ninety percent of the population. We're nothin' but garbage to these assholes."

"Most places have been burned to the ground -- big cities, towns, farms. Almost everything's gone except for the centers. I don't know how many there are."
"And the people?" she asks.
I think about the show, America 2.0. "Most of them are gone."

"It looks like the death tolls reached an all-time high yesterday." He makes a sad face.
The ticker tape goes across the bottom of the screen. The final count: 214,733. The audience stares on.
Barb sips her drink. "But the good news is the ECC's are in place and ready to take in refugees. Look at all of those tents! It'll be fun, like the carnival coming to town." She chuckles.

Buy The New Agenda (The New Agenda #2) by Simone Pond Today at Amazon


  1. I don't know, love triangles can be annoying.

  2. Ooooh I'm so adding this book to my TBR list ,, Love Tringle without a doubt is Fun and it give a book a special feeling of excitment :D ,, Glad you enjoyed this book

  3. I guess I need to pick up the first book before reading this one.

  4. Wow this story sounds so interesting .. I like the concept but I'm not sure how to feel about love triangles :(

  5. Thanks so much for your review of The New Agenda. You're amazing. This was definitely my favorite book to write so far in the series. I love Morray. Does that make me a bad person?

  6. I know how you like your villains, Matt. So I'm glad you got this inside look at Morray. It's interesting that Pond used a second book as a prequel. I'm glad you're enjoying this series!

  7. The love triangle in this one seemed necessary to me so for the most part I was ok with it. :D

  8. lol nope some times we can't help but like the villain. Especially when you know life kinda pushed them into their roll. :D

  9. I really like that approach as well. It's a good way to answer questions before moving to far into the story. :D and yeah gotta have my villains even if they try to get me to like them with their own book. :D


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