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Review: My Delicate Destruction (Wolfegang #1) by Jillian Ashe

Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels #3) by Ilona Andrews
Publisher: March 14th 2014 - (first published October 11th 2013)
Genre: Sci-Fi, YA
Format: Kindle novella
Source: provided for honest review
Goodreads Summary

My name is Katerina Anderson. In 2016, a drug called Hope was created. Administered during suspended animation, the drug was supposed to cure the cancer my twin brother and I had. When an earthquake leveled Los Angeles, we were presumed dead.

Forgotten, we slept.

The day I woke up, I realized everything had changed. My brother was missing, and everyone else I knew was dead. That drug and all its false promises were the beginning of my delicate destruction.

“He's awake.”

The Good

This is a novella setting up the characters and the world. I knew that going in so I also knew that it would be a short read to wet my appetite for the next full-length book in the series. Ashe sets up the characters of Katerina and Kris who are twins in their teenage bubble of friends and hobbies. The writing is delivered in a way that all the important information is provided, and not a lot of unneccessary detail. You can tell where the story is going just by reading the blurb, but I was surprised at everything that happened before the big life-changing moment.

There is a lot of room for potential in this series. Kat gets thrust ahead to the year 2518 due to what happens in this novella, and while I'm given a glimpse of what things are like in that year, I'm very excited to further explore what's going on around her in this new environment.

The Bad

Obviously it's very short, but I already knew that. I have the second one to dive into now so that's not a problem. I'm a very open-minded person so how technology and the 'how's' and 'why's' are handled in books have never bothered me. I've never had an issue with how it's done because it's all up to the author's imagination...futuristic sci-fi worlds are the construct of the one writing since no one can truly tell them that they are wrong. If you are a big stickler for how it's all done in a sci-fi book, I honestly can't tell you whether you'd be ok with it or not since I don't dive deep into those areas.

The Romance

There actually is a bit of romance in My Delicate Destruction. Kat has an on and off again boyfriend that she's really enamored with.  It makes for a few bittersweet moments that tug at the heart a little bit.


Short but good introduction into the Wolfegang Series. It leaves me thrilled about all the room this series has to play with and grow. Recommended for those who enjoy YA, don't mind novellas, and like a good sci-fi read now and then.


"What year is it?" he asked. 
The men shared a look before answering, "2510." 
They were in so much trouble. "Five hundred years," he muttered under his breath.

"We've tried this before, Kevin," I reminded him.
"I know," he said, putting an arm around my waist and pulling me closer.
"And it didn't work out." I tried to remember why I was bringing this up, but his body was making it hard to think.


  1. this sound like a really great book, I will add it to my TBR list :) glad you enjoyed it ,, hope your next read is as good or even better :D

  2. Sounds good, Jaclyn. I'm curious how this world would be since it's in the year 2518! I don't usually read novellas. To be honest the only one I've read is Shadows. What can I say, Lux series is so great that I couldn't resist! I have yet to read the last two book, but I'm saving them for the dark days that I'll need something good. lol

    Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday!!

  3. You have me curious, Jaclyn. I think I'd like this but I'd have to have the second one lined up. I'll put it on my tbr for sure. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  4. sounds really good! I'm always amazed how authors manage to pack anything coherent into something so short. I kind of want to try it one day but I know it'll wind up turning into something full length lol

  5. Well, the concept sounds pretty interesting. But really short stories are kind of annoying me right now.

  6. What an amazing concept, this sounds like exactly my type of book! I'm glad you liked it though - fab review!

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  7. Thank you! I really hope you enjoy it as well :D

  8. Ah the Lux Series! Sooooo good. Yeah, I don't normally read novellas either, but I have the next books in this series so it wasn't that bad. I'm reading the 2nd one after the one I'm on right now.

  9. As a novella, it works well, but I'm definitely glad that I have the next one to get into soon.

  10. It's crazy to me too! It's hard as a reader enjoying the story to not want more too.

  11. Hahaha! I get that. I would definitely wait until you have time to read the first two at least at one time.

  12. I hope you give it a try! Thanks so much :D


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