Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fandom Mashups [10]

Fandom Mashups is a feature hosted by Lunar Rainbows Reviews. There's a different scenario each week, and you choose a "dream team" of five characters from five different fandoms whom you think are best suited for the situation.

This week's topic is:
It's Valentine's Day! What's your Fandom Crush Team?
Who are your favorite Fandom Couples

1) Morticia and Gomez - The Addams Family

You can just see the love oozing our of their pores for each other. It's one of those OLD loves too that has survived everything thrown at them as opposed to the fresh, new loves.

2) Cat and Bones - The Night Huntress Series

These two would go to the ends of the Earth for each other and protect each other at all costs. They also are both difficult and stubborn so I feel that they've met their match for who would put up with them as well.

3) Booth and Bones - Bones

This pair is the example of opposites attract. Booth is all faith, hope, and gut-instinct while Bones is all fact, figures and logic. Somehow it works though as these two balance each other out perfectly.

4) Kate and Curran - The Kate Daniels Series

So I could read their dialogue all day long. I love the witty banter and sarcastic spars that these two share. Not to mention their chemistry is off the charts.

5) Daemon and Katy - The Lux Chronicles

He'd burn down the world for her. Literally. This pair is a lot of fun with the swoony Daemon and the book blogger Katy together. I think they honestly need each other like they need air.

Special mentions:

Barrons and Mac
Rowan and Aelin
Cress and Thorne
Mercy and Adam
Jace and Clary
Magnus and Alec

Who are your favorite fandom couples?

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