Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review: Knight of Light (Watchers #1) by Deirdra Eden

Published: September 1, 2014
Genre: Fantasy
Format: ebook
Source: provided for honest review
Goodreads Summary

“The Watchers” are supernatural beings in human form, charged with protecting mankind from the armies of darkness. Unfortunately, some of these Watchers go bad. 

Deirdra Eden’s The Watcher’s Series is written in a traditional fairytale style with a young girl’s discovery of incredible, but dangerous powers within herself, a cast of humorous side-kicks, a quest for greater self-discovery and purpose, and villains of epic proportions. 

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In England, 1270 A.D., Auriella (pronounced yurr-ee-ella) flees her village after being accused of witchcraft. Pursued by nightmarish creatures, she struggles to accept the truth about her humanity. 

Filled with fairies, dwarves, pixies, dragons, and monsters, Knight of Light is an enthralling tale that will capture the imaginations of readers young and old.

"I know who you are," he hissed, sounding more serpentine than human.

Who did he think I was? I stumbled away from him, walking backward until my back pressed against a nearby cart. The corner of his his lips turned up in a dark smile, and his snake-like eyes went wild with hunger.

He turned to the crowd. "I tell you, she's a witch."

The Good

For the most part, I'm a fan of our heroine Auriella. She has some sweet abilities and knack for getting out of trouble (and getting into trouble but they do kind of go hand in hand). Plus, who doesn't like a wide assortment of mythical creatures to adventure with and run into as well as knights and a band of mercenaries. A wicked witch and her cabin in the woods being a terror for our heroine gives the story a Brothers Grimm feel for me in a good way.

The Bad

Remember I did say for the most part with Auriella? Well, if I have a complaint it's the fact that she embodies Charlie Brown so much for so long in this book. I found myself wish she would Woman up one too many times. I understood her being that way for a while, I just felt she embraced it a little too long is all.

The Romance

Auriella does find love and it's a key part to her growing as a hero. Can a Dwarf and a Pixie fall in love? Guess you'll have to read the book and see.


Amazing fantasy book really. Had plenty of magic, monsters and fights. It had feel good moments coupled with heart breaking events that made you feel for our hero. Plus, there's a dragon. What more do you need than a dragon (besides and the other stuff I mentioned)? I totally recommend this book.


"What sort of creature are you?" I knelt beside the cage to get a better look at her. The angelic being put her hands on her hips and shook her head. "Cassi be pixie, of course! Do not you know pixie when you see one?"

"What is so bad about this forest?" I asked.
Rubert put his finger to his lips, hushing me. He spoke again in a mute whisper, "The elves and fairies live here. It's heavily protected 'cause the elves don't like outsiders. The fairies also set traps for trespassers. We must be out of their territory by nightfall."

"I haven't been able to get all my work done during daylight hours." Rubert looked at cassi and scowled. "That pixie is always pulling me away from my duties and having me chase after squirrels and phantoms."

"Only a coward would use a sword to fight a woman armed with only a staff. If we're going to fight, it'll be on equal grounds." An effortless smile beamed across his face.
I narrowed my eyes and hoped this didn't mean he was going to go easy on me. If he did, I would hit him harder.


  1. Yeah, a Charlie Brown attitude is never good.

  2. "A wicked witch and her cabin in the woods", what else can I ask for. I'm a sucker for stories with witches, they really creep me out and that's the reason I love them as villains!

  3. Yeah, I understood why she was wishy washy for a while but I felt like she was kinda in that mode a little to long for my liking. :D

  4. You'll enjoy this one then cause there is a witch and she is most definitely a villain. Oh and she is creepy, a creepy villain. :D

  5. Charlie Brown?!? I was thinking nuh-uh, Matt...and then you had to go and mention dragons. I'm a sucker for dragons. I'm glad you enjoyed this so much! :)

  6. Yeah dragons are pretty bad ass. They are my fantasy novel kryptonite as well. Tell me there's a dragon and i'll pretty much give it a read at some point. :D


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