Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review: Hunt for the Star (The Eldon Archives #1) by Dane Richter

Published: February 16th 2013
Genre: Fantasy
Format: ebook
Source: provided for honest review
Goodreads Summary

Edoria is at war. Artos Hestrom retreats back to his home town of Corsin where he is given the task of retrieving a powerful crystal called the Eldon Star. The ageing Artos uses lies and deceit to procure people to help him on the journey and the plight of a half-man, half-elf called Chet, provides the perfect cover. Artos' nephew, Ethan, freely volunteers to accompany him without knowing his true motives, but Ethan's death has been foreseen in a vision. Knowing that Ethan would certainly die if he continues on the journey, Artos must choose between the fate of his family and the fate of the world.

Standing in his way is the evil Sorcerer, Ruehl, who has waged war in Edoria with his blood-thirsty hordes of Kròkos. Ruehl uses his minions to relentlessly scour the land for the crystal. Betrayals, challenges and loss set up a final confrontation with the evil Sorcerer where there can be only one victor.

"'Reassuring? People are dead and you worry about how the town will react? I can't believe you just said that!' Ethan spat, raising his voice to a threatening level, and at the same time hardly believing he had taken that tone with his father."

The Good

I really had an easy time getting into this book. It had a familiar feel to it in that it felt like a Forgotten realm book even though it has nothing to do with Forgotten Realms. Not only did I enjoy the time focused on the main character but I also considered the time spent developing the supporting characters to be just as entertaining. Like most Fantasy Parties they end up having to split up into at least two groups, and I can honestly say I never found myself just wanting to get back to one particular group. The fights are bloody and the creatures are great. I really like the Shenaar (snakepeople).

The Bad

I don't really have any complaints. This really was a solid fantasy novel. I know that sounds like i should maybe rank it higher with that being the case but this feels right.

The Romance

There is no romance worth mentioning in this installment but, I do believe ground work has been set for romance in the next book.


Overall this was a really fun Fantasy novel. If you enjoy Forgotten realm novels, you'll enjoy this one. The characters are great, the fights are action packed and the monsters are plentiful. I'll definitely be ready for book 2 when it comes out.


Artos nodded and looked to the Oocha. 'Ko-jah, old friend, I was looking forward to your visit and showing you my lands as you once showed me yours. But, as it turns out, foes have extended their reach upon our homes and we must protect them.'
'Oocha's prefer a fight rather than looking at countryside. I will kill people for you.
'That is all I ask,' said Artos. 'But don't kill anyone unless I tell you to.

Ethan bit his lip,'I was told yesterday that this was a dangerous place, but no one else heard it, so I didn't give it any more thought.' He looked down at his damaged hand. He could feel the judging eyes upon him,' and then I heard it again, just now, saying I told you so.'

'Your new name is Mac!' The horse bent its ears back in defiance. Artos stopped smiling. 'I don't care if you don't like it. I like it, and that's all that matters, Mac!'He kicked the horse but the horse would not move. 'When I get to Fohinx I'm gonna ride you straight into a cloud of Krokos arrows.'The horse reluctantly trotted forward. 'I knew you were a smart horse, Mac.'


  1. A very solid fantasy by the sounds of it. thanks for sharing.

  2. Eh, sometimes a book is enjoyable but doesn't have that WOW factor. I'm glad you liked it, Matt.

  3. That cover! YIKES! Good to know it compares to the Forgotten Realms novels!

  4. It was that for sure. I would definitely recommend it. :D

  5. That about sums it up. I had a good time reading it and it's a quality book it just left my socks on. :D

  6. Yeah when i saw the cover i thought it read more sci fi but it did read very Forgotten Realms to me which I'm all for. I've seen some compare it to game of thrones and lord of the rings but I'm guessing that was the extent of their fantasy experience. :D


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