Saturday, October 11, 2014

JC's Bulletin of the Week [4]

Welcome to my weekly Bulletin. This is a place where you will find what's going on at JC's Book Haven lately, what I've found around the blogger world, Book News, and any books that are releasing in the next week.

Crazy busy around here lately. We are working on Halloween costume details. Zane is going as Loki this year and I'm going to be Black Widow.

Zane is doing a science fair experiment on How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh Longer so we gathered all the materials and he just got it started. Hopefully we are going to a Fall Festival this weekend to check out a bunch of pumpkins, hay ride, and play some games. What are you all up to?

The week on the blog:

Sunday Cover Scramble
I did a Re-Read Review for Dreamfever (Fever #4) by Karen Marie Moning
I posted a Cover Reveal for Gears of Brass: A Steampunk Anotholoy
Matt did a review of Knight of Light (Watchers #1) by Deirdra Eden
Harry Potter Moment of the Week this week was - Quibbler or Daily Prophet?
Melody did a Review of Platomic by LaRon Cruz along with an interview

My Shelf Confessions tells us why It Sucks When Bloggers Delete Posts

Cait from Notebook Sisters posted a hilarious telling of 10 Things I Will Do To Improve the World (When I've Dominated It)

The Literary Oracle does a post about Why We Love the Anti-hero

Gallery Book signed Kim Harrison for a new series. Find out more about the trilogy slated for Fall 2015.




  1. Yay, science fair experiments. The worst and best part of school. lol.

  2. Right! He chose a pretty fun one that I'm looking forward to knowing the answer to, but it is such a ton of work and materials LOL

  3. Love that you guys are going to be Marvel characters for Halloween! I can't believe how fast this month is going; I think I'd better get a move on holiday gift planning now, lol

  4. Ooh, I hope you'll share a photo of you and Zane in your costumes. :) And good luck with the science fair project. Interesting topic. Have a great week and thanks for sharing all the news!

  5. I really hope his costume turns out ok. No one sells Loki so we are making it all. I am so excited about Kim Harrison's new series!! I really hope it turns out fantastic. Have a wonderful week, too :D

  6. I love Marvel :D Everything from September to now is moving at warp speed. New Year's will be here before we know it. I'm already buying Christmas gifts and getting my Thanksgiving menu ready LOL

  7. I can't wait until Miranda is old enough to pick out a costume!

  8. I wish I was good at sewing, because sometimes costumes just don't come the way my kids want them either... Are you going to post some Halloween pictures? Pretty please ;)

  9. Oo, now I want to see if there is a fall festival around me this weekend, that sounds like so much fun :D

  10. Absolutely!! I can't sew either. I always have to ask someone to help me out with that part ;)

  11. Oh it's so much fun! Kids make the holidays precious on so many levels :D

  12. I had a lot of fun! We did a Halloween weekend...carving pumpkins...eating hamburgers...hay was an absolute blast :D

  13. That's actually almost nice to know, Jaclyn... You are so good at drawing, I just assumed you were good at everything artistic! Now I feel a little less incompetent ;)


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