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Harry Potter Moment of the Week [35]

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       Quibbler or Daily Prophet?

Hands-down the Quibbler

Lovegood posted the interview that Rita Skeeter did with Harry Potter about the night that Voldemort came back. For that alone, I would choose The Quibbler.

When the Quibbler is first introduced, we find out that it's a crazy tabloid paper published by Xenophilius Lovegood, Luna's dad. With stories that are hard for the normal person to accept, it at least brings humor to some with the outlandish stories.

Since the Daily Prophet, a traditional wizarding newspaper, slandered Dumbledore and Harry repeatedly, I'm not a fan. Later, they are controlled by the Death Eaters as well so no real news was coming out of it.

Ted: "The Prophet? You deserved to be lied to if you're still reading that muck, Dirk. You want the facts?, try The Quibbler."
Dirk: " The Quibbler? That lunatic rag of Xeno Lovegood's?"
Ted: "It's not so lunatic these days, you'll want to give it a look. Xeno is printing all the stuff the Prophet's ignoring, not a single mention of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks in the last issue. How long they'll let you get away with it, mind, I don't know. But Xeno says, front page of every issue, that any wizard who's against You-Know-Who ought to make helping Harry Potter their number-one priority."
— Ted Tonks and Dirk Cresswell discussing The Quibbler in 1997 (

Would you choose the Quibbler or the Daily Prophet?


  1. YES ^^ The Quibbler wins hands down for me too if only because they told Harry's side of the story!! I simply can not forgive the DP for what they did to Harry & Dumbledore...not to mention how easily they gave up any kind of journalistic integrity. Ugh! Fantastic choice Jaclyn :D

  2. Has to be Quibbler, we saw how much DP was puppeted

  3. Yeah but the Rita Skeeter article in the Quibbler was the highest selling volume! LMBO I agree though. She's all about a headline and nothing about the truth.

  4. Exactly! Passing off real news when it's nothing but lies is not my cup of tea.

  5. They were so one-sided...putting out stories that made the Ministry look good or wouldn't start mass hysteria instead of the truth. It was really disheartening during the time that they desperately needed real answers. I agree! Telling Harry's story was a big plus for The Quibbler.

  6. I polled my kids - we all vote for the Quibbler! :)

  7. Ula @ Blog of ErisedOctober 10, 2014 at 2:20 AM

    Yeah I agree, supporting Potter at the most crucial moment was awesome from Xeno, which was amazing.
    I do hope the Prophet got better now since Ginny works there! :)

  8. I 100% agree. I can't stand the Daily Prophet after what they have done.

  9. I was torn so much with this one. I think I chose DP because it's such a wizarding staple. That and I loved how Rowling showed us how miselading the press actually is.
    Love the quote you've used too :)

  10. I'd read The Quibbler even if it only mentioned Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, lol. I was glad to see the paper get some respect, though, after it ran Harry's interview!


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