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Review: A Fistful of Charms (The Hollows #4) by Kim Harrison

Publisher: May 2007 HarperTorch
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy
Format: Kindle/Mass Market Paperback
Source: Purchased

*Please note that it is very hard to review books past the first one in the series without having any spoilers at all. I will try to keep it as spoiler free as I can, but if you haven't read the third book in this series, you may just want to read that review instead of continuing with this one. The review for the first book in the series is here.
Goodreads Summary
The evil night things that prowl Cincinnati despise witch and bounty hunter Rachel Morgan. Her new reputation for the dark arts is turning human and undead heads alike with the intent to possess, bed, and kill her -- not necessarily in that order.

Now a mortal lover who abandoned Rachel has returned, haunted by his secret past. And there are those who covet what Nick possesses -- savage beasts willing to destroy the Hollows and everyone in it if necessary.

Forced to keep a low profile or eternally suffer the wrath of a vengeful demon, Rachel must nevertheless act quickly. For the pack is gathering for the first time in millennia to ravage and to rule. And suddenly more than Rachel's soul is at stake.

Focus, Four-Legged, Fudge and Fangy

This is a series that I really love. This is a re-read in anticipation of the newest in the series being released...all books will be rated on each book's merit.

The Good

I learned a lot more about the Weres and their culture. I have to admit that at first I thought they were boring because I learned so much about the vampire culture through Ivy and knew next to nothing about the Weres. This book helped me realize how much more complex they are than I first assumed in The Hollows and I really enjoyed getting to know more about them and how they tick.

I was so glad to see Jenks returned to Rachel's side. I didn't like him being gone. I also was thrilled with the changes that he underwent in this one and the new way that I got to see Jenks. Also, Rachel has grown in her powers and it was fun to see her be a mo-bad heroine. She may not make the best decisions in her personal life all the time, but it's fun to watch her work.

The story of this one was a great one to read. It was incredibly interesting and kept my attention. I met a few new characters along the way, including Marshal who is a diving instructor with his own business.

The Bad

I could go without reading any more of crap-for-brains. Harrison did a fantastic job of really making me dislike Nick. Unfortunately, he is in this book quite a bit and he doesn't deserve the page space to say most of what he gets to say.

The Romance

Rachel left her beau behind in this one so there isn't much on the romance front other than some bad decisions. However, I didn't really appreciate the fact that Rachel and Jenks callously talk about her dating other men while she is supposed to be in a relationship. It makes me feel like she doesn't think a lot of the one that she is in.


Another great story by Harrison in The Hollows series. It had a great story, a lot of action, new power and growth among characters, and interesting information that wasn't in previous books. I definitely recommend this book.


“He might still love me. Do I still love him? Did I ever love him, really? Or had it just been that I loved his acceptance of me?"

"You're an attractive man, and any other time I would be salivating at the idea of a private lesson at your pool...pooal...but I need your help."

"It's hormonal," he said, and I drew away, affronted.
"I think I saw som alcohol in here," I muttered, flipping the tackle box open.
"I meant between Matalina and me," he said, the rims of his ears reddening. "I feel bad for you, 


  1. My only complaint is there are only two books left and series ends, that and I have not gotten my copy of Ever After yet!

  2. God, I hate Nick. It was hard for me to read this book with so much Nick. Great review.

  3. *sigh* Okay, day I'll get to these. ;) Thank you.


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