Saturday, December 29, 2012

My 2013 Reading Challenges

I found some reading challenges that I believe really suit me and will be a ton of fun trying to accomplish. I will update the Paranormal Reading Challenge and the Sequel Reading Challenge monthly with my progress, and I will post my scoreboard and update the Book Bingo Reading Challenge every three months starting in April.

2013 Paranormal Reading Challenge

The Paranormal Reading Challenge is hosted by Megan Likes Books and Auntie Spinelli Reads! There are so many awesome sub-genres of paranormal books, that it's easy to find one you like and stick with it. So this reading challenge has the goal of reading about all kinds of paranormal creatures.


  • This challenge runs from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013.
  • You must have a blog to able to participate, since reviews must be added to the linky.
  • When you sign up with the linky, please put the link to your post about joining the Paranormal Reading Challenge.
  • You're welcome to list your books beforehand or just add as you go.
  • Sign-ups are open until December 1, 2013
  • At the beginning of each month, Auntie Spinelli will post a kick-start post, each month featuring a different category of paranormal creature. This post will also include a linky to include your reviews from that month.
  • Each review you link will qualify you for an entry into the monthy giveaway and if your review includes the feature paranormal creature of that month, you get a bonus entry.
  • Each book can only count for one category, even if it contains more than one paranormal creature. For example, Twilight contains both vampires and werewolves, but you can't use it for both the vampires and werewolves/shifters categories.
  • Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered into a grand prize giveaway at the end of the year.
  • If you read multiple books from one category, feel free to add them to the linkies. Don't stop at just one!
  • Book can count for other challenges.

Each month, they will be featuring one of the creatures on the list at both Megan Likes Books and Auntie Spinelli Reads.
January - Vampires
February - Angels/Nephilim
March - Fey
April - Demons
May - Aliens
June - Zombies
July - Witches and Wizards
August - Mermaids
September - Dragons
October - Ghosts
November - Werewolves/Shape-shifters
December - Other

Read details and join in on the fun here

2013 Sequel Reading Challenge

This is another one hosted by Auntie Spinelli Reads. It is a challenge that includes all books after the first one in a series.

The goal: To read as many sequels as you can. You set your goal at whatever number works for you.

  • The challenge runs from January 1st to December 31st. 
  • Any books started before Jan. 1 will not count.
  • Any book after the first book in a series counts. Books in the same series also count.
  • Novellas also count, as long as it is after book #1. (ex: #1.5, #2.5, etc)
  • Sign ups will be open until December 1st, 2013.
  • Add the URL of your challenge post to the linky widget. (If you'd like to wait, it's ok to use your blog URL and send me your link when you get the post up)
  • At the end of each month I will post a linky for you to add your sequel reviews to.
  • I will try to do some giveaways throughout the year for participants (as long as I can afford it).
  • There will be a giveaway at the end of the year for all participants who completed the challenge.
My sequel goal will be 25~

2013 Book Bingo Reading Challenge

Anne from Creativity’s Corner and Kristilyn from Reading in Winter are hosting 2013 Book Bingo.
It includes:

Reading the books in our TBR pile
Re-reading some books
Reading some new books
Reading books that EVERYONE but us has read
Reading books from series that we have started & have been neglecting

Of course, a challenge isn’t really a challenge unless there are some rules and guidelines:

  • The challenge runs from January 1 to December 31, 2013.
  • If you want to participate, you can join in any time of the year! Feel free to write up a blog post with the rules linking back to my and Anne’s blog in your sign-up post.
  • If you read one book for the “1 book” in any category, you can’t change it later on when you read another book to “2 books.” Once a square is crossed off, it’s crossed off for good! (Feel free to print off the scoreboard to keep track!)
  • Books read for one square are for that square ONLY and cannot be counted towards another category. This is all about reading ALL THE BOOKS.
  • The FREE SQUARE isn’t really a free square. In order to cross it off, you must read a book by either:
  1. Reading a book picked by another participant, or
  2. Reading a book in a genre picked by another participant.
  • You can start your board over again, but ONLY if you receive the stamp of awesome by completing a blackout. The “winners” of the challenge will be the ones who achieve the most winning combinations by the end of 2013.
  • You can feel free to post your reading list for each category, though it’s not a requirement.
  • Having a blog or writing reviews for books read is not required. So long as you want to have fun, you can participate!
  • This isn’t a race, but don’t be afraid to rub your reads in the other player’s face. This will be seen as encouragement. Feel free to use the hashtag #2013BookBingo on Twitter!

Read details and see the scorecard here


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    Btw, great challenges and I think I'll be signing up for them too! :)

  2. Thank you so much! I have returned the follow :D

  3. Thanks for signing up for the Sequel and Paranormal challenges!! Can't wait to see which books you choose :)

  4. Thank you for hosting such great ones! My first one for January is Soul Walker by Robyn Jones. I'm still working on my other books. I know for the Sequel challenge, right now I am re-reading all The Hollows novels getting ready for Ever After coming out on the 22nd and I haven't reviewed any of them except the first one. Thank you for stopping by!


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