Thursday, September 17, 2015

Harry Potter Moment of the Week [81]

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Which one of the 5 trials the trio faced in Sorcerer's Stone would have been your downfall? (Flitwick's flying keys, Sprout's plants, Snape's potion riddle, McGonagall's chess match or Dumbledore's Mirror/Stone trick)

Hmmm well I feel like Fluffy would be pretty easy since they knew the trick to get past him. Then the plant part would be fine because they learned it in class, and I'm pretty much like Hermione student-wise with paying attention and remembering. I'm going to go with the assumption that I would be muggle born and say that while I love the idea of flying, most likely I would be as bad at it at first as Hermione. Granted, I would practice a lot, but first years can't play Quidditch so there wouldn't be a lot of time at school to practice flying. I'm going to assume then that Flitwick's flying keys would be the hardest for me to accomplish. I'm not too sure about the riddle or the chess game either. While I am extremely logical, riddles have either been very easy or very hard for me. Chess is a very fun game, but I haven't played in years and don't know how good I'd be at it. I'm going to stick with the flying keys though and say that I'd also probably have trouble with Snape's riddle and McGonagall's chess match.

Which would you choose?

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