Saturday, September 13, 2014

JC's Bulletin of the Week [3]

Welcome to my weekly Bulletin. This is a place where you will find what's going on at JC's Book Haven lately, what I've found around the blogger world, Book News, and any books that are releasing in the next week.

Whoo! I've had a great reading week. I have 7 reviews that I haven't posted yet of some amazing books. That's the furthest ahead I've ever gotten! Also I JUST GOT A WITCH WITH NO NAME so I'm thrilled :D hehehe

YAY Happy Birthday to me! My birthday is Sunday. I know I may be one of few here, but I absolutely adore birthdays. It is so special to me that I have made it through another year and I'm left feeling incredibly blessed. I don't know everyone's birthdays, but if you like celebrating, let me know when your's is and I'll give you a b-day shout-out. Did you know that more babies are born in September than any other month?

The last two weeks on the blog:
I re-read Karen Marie Moning's Dark Fever and reviewed
I posted Zane and my 'classic' choices for When Life's Kicking Your Butt, How About a Theme Song
Blog Tour Excerpt and Trailer for Shadow of the Last Men by J.M. Salyards
Melody reviewed Toxic (Pretty Little Liars #15) by Sara Shepard
Matt reviewed Desperate Reflections (Adventures of Alexis Davneport #3) by Shay West
My Sidekick Showcase for this month is Best Friend
Did you post your guess on this week's Sunday Cover Scramble?
R.A. Desilets stopped by for an interview and a giveaway for her release of Girl Nevermore
Heena reviewed This is Sarah by Ally Malinenko
Blog Tour Trailer and Giveaway for The Watchers Book 1: Knight of Light by Deirdra Eden
Harry Potter Moment of the Week - Least Favorite Book
Matt reviewed Out of Time by Donna Marie Oldfield

Robyn's Birthday was yesterday. Stop by and give her some birthday love. 

Erika over at Your Urban Fantasy is having a giveaway for a signed copy of A Witch With No Name by Kim Harrison!

Lexxie gives an Up Close and Unconventional discussion about organization of her kindle and those many, many books on her to-read shelf. How do you organize your reads? She tells you what she does and asks for suggestions you may have as well.

Marissa Meyer is breaking down her writing process on her blog. These are some VERY detailed posts. She already has the first one up on Brainstorming and Research. Check out the introduction post here.

This is a pretty amazing post about Deep POV by Jeni Chappelle who is an editor and writing coach.

And this hilarious video: 


  1. OMG, that video was hilarious!
    Happy birthday, girl!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a fabulous and fun day!

  3. Happy Birthday! Same day as my wife in fact. :)

  4. So glad you enjoyed it :D I laughed my butt off. Thank you!!

  5. Thank you!!! I've been on a diet and I am cheating to go eat at Red Lobster :D I'm really looking forward to it!

  6. Thank you! Awesome :D Happy Birthday to her as well!!

  7. Happy Birthday Jaclyn!
    And the video is amazing :)

  8. Happy, happy birthday, Jaclyn! Hope you're having an awesome day! :D

  9. Thank you so much!! I had such a great birthday :D

  10. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry this is so late but happy belated birthday!! I hope your birthday was magical!! :D

  11. Thank you so much!! I had such a lovely day :D

  12. I'm so sorry I missed your birthday, Jaclyn!! Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was fabulous!!! Did Zane spoil you?!?

    Thanks for sharing that video! Oh my goodness, that was awesome! I'm going to share it with my girls. :)


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