Thursday, May 12, 2016

Harry Potter Moment of the Week [104]

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If you could change one thing from book three, what would it be? 

I really enjoyed the third book for the blown-up aunt, the backstory we got on the Mauraders, Lupin as the Defense teacher, the mystery and fear surrounding Sirius Black, and the added information we got on animagus. It's really difficult for me to think of something that I would change in this one.

So, I'll go for a couple of small things. First, Ron so crazily upset that Scabbers is missing, and blaming Hermione for her cat eating him. Ron has hardly even talked about this rat, and I understand that it is his pet so he has grown attached even if he hasn't shown it, but him automatically blaming Hermione and Crookshanks about it was upsetting. He kept telling her to keep her cat away from his rat, which it appeared she made every effort to do and he still got incredibly angry with her. He made no real effort to keep Scabbers out of harm's way however. My next thing would be some more of Ginny here. I really enjoyed the character of Ginny in the books, but I feel like if she would have had more of a base in the earlier books, her movie character would've been more well rounded. I would've given her a little more character development and some spots where Harry notices her positive qualities as early as book three as some foreshadowing so some fans weren't so shocked by it.

What would you change about book 3?

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