Thursday, July 21, 2016

Harry Potter Moment of the Week [109]

This is a meme hosted by Uncorked Thoughts and Lunar Rainbows.The idea is to share a favorite moment, magical item, character, spell, quote, object from the books, films or J.K.Rowling herself! Click the links to the blogs to see how to join up &  upcoming topics.

You can have lunch with 3 characters from the series, Who are they and why? 

Oh my goodness! There are so many amazing characters that I'd love to spend time with. My favorite characters in the series are Luna Lovegood and the Weasley Twins. They come as a package deal so I'm counting them as 1 character. That's valid reasoning and not cheating at all LOL. In addition to these two, I'd love to have lunch with Dumbledore as well. Can't you picture it now?

Luna making hilarious remarks and bringing up outrageous conspiracy theories.

Fred and George turning everything into a joke.

Dumbledore with his amazing wisdom and stories. Plus Dumbledore is quite the oddball himself so I could see him joining in with the others quite well.


Who would you have lunch with?

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