Friday, October 30, 2015

Review: The Machinery by Gerrard Cowan

Published: September 10th 2015
Genre: fantasy/dystopian/sci-fi
Format: ebook
Source: provided for honest review
Goodreads Summary

For ten millennia, the leaders of the Overland have been Selected by the Machinery, an omnipotent machine gifted to their world in darker days.

The city has thrived in arts, science and war, crushing all enemies and expanding to encompass the entire Plateau.

But the Overland is not at ease, for the Machinery came with the Prophecy: it will break in the 10,000th year, Selecting just one leader who will bring Ruin to the world. And with the death of Strategist Kane, a Selection is set to occur…

For Apprentice Watcher Katrina Paprissi, the date has special significance. Life hasn’t been the same since she witnessed the kidnapping of her brother Alexander, the only person on the Plateau who knew the meaning of the Prophecy.

When the opportunity arises to find her brother, Katrina must travel into the depths of the Underland, the home of the Machinery, to confront the Operator himself and discover just what makes the world work…

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‘It does not trust you. It knows you do not believe it.’ 

The Operator laughed, and the room seemed to darken. ‘I like you, Alexander. I like that you think you can talk to me, in such a way, about my own creation.’ 

‘You do not understand it fully, Operator. If you did, you would believe the words. Ruin is coming.’

The Good

I really enjoy some of the more powerful characters in the story. The Operator and Squatstout for instance. They really differ from one another while at the same time make it clear they are related.
I liked Katrina and found myself admiring her will to go on.  I enjoyed the ideal of the machine as it didn't care about your bloodline or pedigree when choosing a ruler. Today you could be selling plums and tomorrow you could be in charge of everyone and every thing.

The Bad

While I don't mind when the first book in a series leaves me with questions. I feel this one left me with a whole lot of questions.  Book two is pretty important to me as I'm hoping for some answers.


Overall I did enjoy this one. The world was different to what I normally experience. The characters were fun yet there were quite a few of them. Overall not much action takes place as it's more cloak and dagger then anything else. I would say if you are looking for something fresh with the cloak and dagger feel to it and don't mind when an answer leaves you with two more questions, then you should read this book.


‘Have you heard anything about it? Perhaps in some intellectual gathering?’ 
‘Oh yes, General. I’ve heard things. I did not believe them, being a rational man. But I was told that there are ghosts in there: ghosts in hidden rooms of bones.’ 
Brandione smiled and patted his assistant on the knee. ‘No, Farringer. It’s far too dangerous for ghosts. There are bones, though.’

Hood hurriedly opened the door, and Aranfal’s mouth fell open as the third member of the group of Doubters entered the room. ‘Can none of you people stay tied up?’ the Watcher asked. 

‘Oh, very good, very good! Can you stay tied up! Ha ha ha!’

‘And you will not leave my side.’ 
Aranfal sighed, repeating, ‘I must have gone mad.’ 

Squatstout grinned. ‘Happens to the best of us, my friend. It’s best to just go along for the ride.’

Katrina forced a smile for her superior. ‘How goes the night, Watcher Aranfal? Have we apprehended many Doubters?’ 

Aranfal snorted. ‘Many. There are always many, at things like this. It’s as if they can’t help it. Great events of the Overland draw them like moths to a flame; they must gaze upon the beauty of the world they would destroy, and shudder before its magnificence.’

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