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Sidekick Showcase [41] Blogger's Choice

Sidekick Showcase, previously known as Sidekick Saturday, is a weekly bookish meme, hosted here by Jaclyn at JC's Book Haven. There are many secondary characters that are as great as the primaries. In some cases, the sidekicks actually steal the show and you like them better than the heroine or hero. Maybe they didn't have enough page time for how great they were. Anyone can play along! I will post my Sidekicks on Saturday, then whichever day during the week that you would like to post yours, you can put your link in on my page. Just do the following:

• Choose a sidekick *or someone other than the hero or heroine* that you would like to put in the spotlight that fits in the week's topic
• Share a picture (if you can) and information about the character
• Give the title and author of a book the character can be found in
• Please don't include too many spoilers when describing why the character is such a great sidekick
• The day of your post, put your link in below and grab the code for your post so you can see the others that post their's throughout the week as well

September Themes:
September 7th - Spitfire
September 14th - SIDEKICK OF CHOICE (It's my Birthday!!)
September 21st - Love Interest's BFF
September 28th - Mischievous

This week is Blogger's Choice

My choice is PROFESSOR Snape
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Snape Picture Created by Jaclyn Canada

Yes, some of my absolute favorite characters come from the Harry Potter series. The reason I'm choosing Snape for Blogger's Choice is because he's an exceptional character that really needs to be recognized. The problem here is that only the people that know the series can really understand why he's such a remarkable character, and I'm not going to spoil him for anyone. He and Harry absolutely do not get along. He is a miserable and surly seeming person and often very unfair to Harry and Ron. He's great with magic and trusted by Dumbledore, often which is questioned by other characters in the series. The way Rowling writes Snape is completely inspired and I adore him.

I have a lot of blogs to visit and comments to reply to. Sorry that I am behind! I will make up for it all on Saturday to catch up some :D


"I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even put a stopper in death."


“The mind is a complex and many-layered thing, Potter ... or at least, most minds are...”

"Wanted to arrive with a bang, did we, boys?"

“Mr. Moony presents his compliments to Professor Snape, and begs him to keep his abnormally large nose out of other people's business.
Mr. Prongs agrees with Mr. Moony, and would like to add that Professor Snape is an ugly git.
Mr. Padfoot would like to register his astonishment that an idiot like that ever became a professor.
Mr. Wormtail bids Professor Snape good day, and advises him to wash his hair, the slimeball.”

"Tut, Tut! Fame clearly isn't everything."

“Hang on . . .” Harry muttered to Ron. “There’s an empty chair at the staff table. . . . Where’s Snape?”
"Maybe he's ill!" said Ron hopefully.
“Maybe he’s left,” said Harry, “because he missed out on the Defense Against the Dark Arts job again!”
“Or he might have been sacked!” said Ron enthusiastically. “I mean, everyone hates him —”
“Or maybe,” said a very cold voice right behind them, “he’s waiting to hear why you two didn’t arrive on the school train.”
Harry spun around. There, his black robes rippling in a cold breeze, stood Severus Snape.”

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jaclyn!! I hope you have a wonderful day (month). I sort of misinterpreted this week's blogger's choice, but it was still super fun! This is your best drawing yet! It is always cool when you tap into your fangirl love for the HP universe. Snape is miserable and the best. When I'm old, I'm going to be just like him. Are you having cake for your birthday? I got ice cream, but I can't stop thinking about cupcakes, so...baking is in my near future! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. He's a very well constructed anti-hero. When you first meet him there is no way you would realise that love and lack of love have defined his life.

  3. Happy Birthday, Jaclyn! I hope you'll have a truly wonderful day! Love your drawing :) You are a very talented lady.

    Here's my Sidekick of Choice

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  4. Yes, Snape! You did a great rendering of him, Jaclyn. My oldest daughter, who also does graphic drawing, said your picture 'wow, and that's lineless too...that's so hard' I'm sure that means something to you. ;)

    Happy Birthday, Jaclyn! I hope your day is special and your weekend rocks! :)

  5. Thank you so much!! I love what you've done with the interpretation of it :D I leave things open so you guys can do a lot of what you want to with them so I think it's great! I had a lot of fun making this picture so thank you so much for the compliments. I don't actually eat cake so my best friend got me a cookie cake with fudge icing :D It was pretty fantastic! She cooks cup cakes all the time as well. I hope you get some soon. Have a great weekend!!!

  6. I completely agree!! Thank you so much for stopping by :D

  7. Thank you very much, Lexxie :D I hope you are having a fantastic weekend as well!!

  8. It certainly does! Thank you both so much. I am having a wonderful weekend so far, and it's not over yet :D I hope you have a great one!!

  9. I love that part as well :D Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! I am really enjoying my weekend so far. I couldn't pass up doing a Harry Potter character this week!

  10. I totally get it. Great Choice. Gotta love me some Snape!
    Happy Birthday, Girl!!! Hope you had an amazing day!

  11. First off Happy Birthday! secondly I LOVE the Snape drawing he is my favorite as well!

  12. Haha, in the end I did love him. But I loved to not like him from day one too. :D

  13. Thank you so much :D It was wonderful!

  14. Thank you :D I really appreciate that!!

  15. Right? He was the perfect character to dislike :D

  16. Happy, happy birthday Jaclyn! :D I hope you have a fantastic day! I love your illustration of Snape! That part in Prisoner of Azkaban where the Marauder's Map insults him never fails to crack me up!


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