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Blog Tour Character Spotlight: Quantum Entanglement by Liesel K. Hill

Quantum Entanglement Character Spotlight: Jonah

I have a special post for you today as well as a giveaway. I would like to thank Liesel so much for joining us today!

Five months after traveling to a post-apocalyptic future where collectives reign supreme and individuals have been hunted to the verge of extinction, Maggie Harper was returned to her own time until the threat to her life could be neutralized. She thought Marcus and the others would return for her within a few weeks, and now she’s beginning to worry.

When travelers from the future finally show up to collect her, it’s not who she expected. With the return of her memories, she wants more than ever to see Marcus again, but a snake-like woman whose abilities are a perfect match for Maggie’s, an injured Traveler, and decades of civil unrest to wade through all stand in the way of their reunion.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Karl traipse through the countryside, trying to neutralize Colin, who’s promised to brutalize and murder Maggie if he can get his hands on her. When a collective woman is left for dead, Marcus heals her, hoping she’ll be the key to killing Colin and bringing Maggie back. But she may prove as much a hindrance as a help.

The team struggles to get their bearings, but things happen faster than they know. The collectives are coalescing, power is shifting, and the one called B is putting sinister plans into action. If the team can’t reunite and get a handle on the situation, their freedom and individuality—perhaps their very identity—will be ripped away before they can catch their breath.

Character Spotlight

Hello Everyone! I’m so glad to be here. Thanks so much to Jaclyn for having me here. Today I’d like to do a spotlight for a character in my newest novel, Quantum Entanglement.

Character Name: Jonah Harper

Relationship to the MC: He’s Maggie’s brother.

Where we’ve seen him before: In book 1, Persistence of Vision, we learned that he was with Maggie in Vegas and experienced the time loss incident with her. Later, when Maggie figures out the reason for the time loss, we learn something else disturbing about Jonah: that he wasn’t where the team left him. In the time Maggie was gone (chronologically it was less than an hour) someone took the unconscious Jonah from where he was and put him in a strange hotel room. That movement and loss of time has still not been accounted for.

What his role in this installment is: In book 2, Quantum Entanglement, he plays a much bigger role in the story. The collective uses him to try and get to Maggie. Because of that, he gets swept up in the adventure, and learns of Interchron, the collectives, and the post-apocalyptic future.

What we learn about him: We see that he and Maggie are very close; he’s an extremely overprotective big brother. We are also told that he has neurochemical abilities, though of course they’ve never been brought forth. What they actually are remains a point of intrigue. *waggles eyebrows* Finally, we learn that collective villains like Colin and Justine know who he is, but why and to what extent are unclear.

What to expect in Jonah’s future: Expect that missing time to come into play in a big way in book 3 (release date 2014). Jonah will come to be a major part of the rebellion against the collectives, and build profound relationships with the team and other members of Interchron. In short, he’s not going anywhere.

Does Jonah sound like a character you might want to get to know? If so, check out Quantum Entanglement (Interchron) . Keep in mind that it’s on sale for $0.99 for a limited time, so snap it up before the price rises. Interchron is waiting.

Thanks so much for having me here! I can’t wait to hear what you all think about Jonah and all of his friends at Interchron.

Author Liesel K Hill

Liesel K Hill writes across three genres: scifi/fantasy, historical fiction, and crime drama. She lives in northern Utah and comes from a large, tight-knit family. She's a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and plans to keep writing until they pound the final nail into her coffin. Or until the Second Coming. You know, whichever happens first.

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  9. I'm reading QE now, and I'm happy to see Jonah with an expanded role in this one. It looks like we can expect to find out a lot of interesting things about him!

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