Friday, October 4, 2013

Sidekick Showcase [44] - Lady of the Night

Sidekick Showcase, previously known as Sidekick Saturday, is a weekly bookish meme, hosted here by Jaclyn at JC's Book Haven. There are many secondary characters that are as great as the primaries. In some cases, the sidekicks actually steal the show and you like them better than the heroine or hero. Maybe they didn't have enough page time for how great they were. Anyone can play along! I will post my Sidekicks on Saturday, then whichever day during the week that you would like to post yours, you can put your link in on my page. Just do the following:

• Choose a sidekick *or someone other than the hero or heroine* that you would like to put in the spotlight that fits in the week's topic
• Share a picture (if you can) and information about the character
• Give the title and author of a book the character can be found in
• Please don't include too many spoilers when describing why the character is such a great sidekick
• The day of your post, put your link in below and grab the code for your post so you can see the others that post their's throughout the week as well

We are doing creatures of the night Sidekick Showcase themes for this month to celebrate Halloween. So for the whole month the choices should be witches, wizards, vampires, ghosts, ghouls, zombies, monsters, and the like!

For the whole Month of October, we're doing Creatures of the Night.

Jane picture created by Jaclyn Canada

My choice is Jane
The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

I loved Jane so much in this series. This girl packs a major punch and she doesn't even have to move. Tiny in stature, she has men twice her size shaking in their boots when she walks into a room. I love it!! Cold and heartless, she enjoys inflicting pain with her vampiric power that makes a person believe they are in debilitating pain, crumpling them to the floor and immobilizing them. Along with her brother Alec (who steals away all senses), they provide the most offensive power team for the Volturi which is the ruling body among vampires, consisting of the strongest and most powerful members, and enforcing vampire laws. I was absolutely thrilled when one of my favorite actresses portrayed her in the movie series. Dakota Fanning has long been a favorite of mine since Zane used to be obsessed with Cat in the Hat. Fanning has a way with tiny facial expressions that make such a huge impact, that cause her to completely steal a scene. I hope you enjoyed Jane as much as I did.


"This may hurt just a little."

"She glared at me, her jaw clenched with the intensity of her focus. I shrank back, waiting for the pain."
"Nothing happened."

"At first I thought it was a young boy. The newcomer was as tiny as Alice, with lank, pale brown hair trimmed short. The body under the cloak - which was darker, almost black - was slim and androgynous. But the face was too pretty for a boy. The wide-eyed, full lipped face would make a Botticelli angel look like a gargoyle. Even allowing for the dull crimson irises."

"Jane smiled at me, the bright, happy smile of an innocent child, and suddenly I was on fire. It was like I'd gone back in time to the worst night of my life. Fire was in every vein of my body, covering every inch of my skin, gnawing through the marrow of every bone. It felt like I was buried in the middle of my coven's funeral bonfire, with the flames on every side. There wasn't a single cell in my body that wasn't blazing with the worst agony imaginable. I could barely hear myself scream over the pain in my ears."

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  1. Awesome pick. I love that Jane looks like an angel, but she's bad to the core. And bratty too when her victims don't scream. Great drawing, Jaclyn! The movie Push was just on. Dakota Fanning was so surprising in that role after all the sweet characters she played before. I hope you get some down time this weekend.

  2. Yes, Yes, Jane was so freaking awesome and creepy. I thought Dakota Fanning did a great job in the movie version.

  3. Ooh, this is a cool meme. Because I do enjoy minor characters more than the main ones. Sometimes they grab you more.

  4. Ohhoho, Jane is an excellent choice, Jaclyn. She's the definition of dynamite in a small package. I was a little concerned when Dakota was cast but she did a fine job as Jane! Her facial expressions could make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. LOL

    Okay, I'm off to figure out who my sidekick will be for this week. :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. By the way, your rendering of Jane is fantastic!

  6. Jane is really cool!

  7. I love that about her too! She really hates it when she doesn't get her way doesn't she? I loved Push! Her character was fantastic in it, plus I love me some Captain America ;) I'm spending the weekend with a sick Zane. I hope you are having a great one!

  8. Thank you! I love the side characters as well :D They really help shape the story. I appreciate you stopping by!

  9. I think Jane is the best villain in the series. I would be most scared of her for sure! Love Dakota Fanning :D Thank you so much for stopping by!

  10. Yes! She really is. I had seen 5 or 6 films that Dakota had already done and knew she was quite talented at even a very young age so I was thrilled with her casting. I'm glad you enjoyed her expressions and acting as much as I did. Have a great weekend!! :D

  11. I think so too :D So glad you stopped by. Have a great weekend!

  12. I haven't read about Jane, but she seems awesome


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