Thursday, May 4, 2017

Harry Potter Moment of the Week [126]

Harry Potter Moment of the Week is a feature started by Leah over at Uncorked Thoughts - with creative credit going out to Ula at Blog of Erised.  The idea is to get Harry Potter fans together and discuss our favorite things about the series; be it a favorite moment, character, magical item, spell, quote or object from the books, films or J.K Rowling herself.

This feature goes up on Thursdays, and is hosted at Lunar Rainbows Reviews. Any blogger can join in on the fun, all we ask is that you link back to us in your post in some way!

Would you rather take Transfiguration class through McGonagall or Dumbledore?

Being taught anything by Dumbledore would be absolutely amazing. I wouldn't be able to pass up having McGonagall for Transfiguration though. I'm convinced that she would be my favorite teacher and I couldn't miss out on seeing her animagus. I'd have to hope for the perfect world Harry had of having her as his teacher and spending time with Dumbledore going on their pensieve trips. Maybe he could throw in a few DADA lessons as well ;)

Who would you choose? 

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