Wednesday, June 4, 2014

When life's kicking your butt, how about a theme song? [6]

My friend Robyn from robgirlbooks tasked us with coming up with a theme song each month, and I love it! Music is a VERY big part of my life. This month Robyn has asked that we come up with a songs that bring SUMMER to mind. That barbecue, sun-kissed, beach ball, long nights with lightening bugs, time that I absolutely love.

There are two songs that I think of right off the bat when I think of summer. One of them is Katy Perry's California Girls, but I have already used Katy Perry twice. I seem to like her for theme songs.

Some of you may question my choice, Independence Day by Martina McBride. I know it's a sad song. It's a song about a situation that many women and children find themselves in though and I find the chorus empowering. I hope that anyone that is in a domestically abusive relationship finds the strength to leave.

My choice for the month of June is:

Zane's choice for June:

What are your choices this month??

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